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18 jun. 2010

35. Van Iterson Muziek

Van Iterson Muziek

29 nov. 2009

34. 1968 Hammond L122 tonewheel spinet restored and running

Cheers to Donald 'Deep' Jeffs from Sydney, Australia and his L-122...

23 nov. 2009

33. Vibrato | Volume pedal

Long time no write. This doesn't imply nothing happened here. Among other things that went on, yesterday I unscrewed the volume pedal and cleaned it. I did not open the pedal to clean the inside, because the volume is working fine - no need to do that...

Also there a lot of dust and stuff gathered around. With the pedal removed, I could peek at the pedals from the side. Dust there too, of course, but not too bad. Maybe one day I´ll somehow lift the organ up so I can get to work at the bottom of it.

In my last post I mentioned the vibrato stopping from functioning. I didn't know how, but out of the blue it started working again. And it is just as fine as it was.

:-) Happy to be back again!

11 jan. 2009

32. The organ is here, it is here!!!

It is here!!!
And a miracle has happened with the vibrato function. More soon...

10 dec. 2008

31. New project - the move!

The Hammond has to move from where it is now to my place. As I live on the second floor, and the Hammond is too big for the stairway of the old building, I am going to take the Hammond apart and move it by bits!
See you soon!

1 nov. 2008

30. New post soon

I've been busy with other things (for instance, this: Within two weeks or so I will post a video which will bring the updates on my L-122.
Thanks for holding on!

29 aug. 2008

29. Focus: Focus 2

Look at what gem Thijs van Leer is playing on...

27 aug. 2008

29. P.U.R.E.: Hammond and drums - from the Netherlands

"P.U.R.E brings a a blend of funk music, combined with jazz, soul and hiphop. Jazz was orinally dance music, and P.U.R.E brings jazz back to the dancefloor. These cats are funky as hell and want to see everybody movin' and groovin' into the music. So move your hips and get into the groove!"

Please do check out their MySpace:

Below a few low quality vids of P.U.R.E.



28. Almost finished

Still crazy after all those weeks.

The organ is almost finished. Apart from the two vibrato tabs, everything seems to be working. I sent a request for L-122 photo's of the preset wirings to The Hamtech Technical Discussion List. I recieved two photos. It turned out that I had the grey wire soldered wrong. I soldered the yellow, the blue and the grey wires accoring to the photographs.

Now all the tabs are working. So far so very good.

I don't wish it to be over just jet! I'll finish it in just a week.



17 aug. 2008

27. Wires from drawbar housing: yellow, blue

Above are some pictures of the wires coming from the drawbar housing. You will see that the yellow and the blue wire aren't soldered to where they belong. They were broken off already when I bought the organ. There is a wire schematiscs scan available. But I'd rather see some pictures of other L-122 owners, showing exactly how it should be done.

I replaced the original wires (the yellow, the blue, the grey and the black ones) with newer and longer wires. The grey-black striped wire replaced an all grey wire. The old ones were about 11,5 cm (4,5 inches).

Take care,

14 aug. 2008

26. It's alive! It's alive!

The best news after a long period of silence!!! The Hammond lives! I managed to solder two remaining wires together. I discouvered why the 2nd and 3rd percussion tab switches aren't working that well and I even got the trumpet and the full organ tab switches to work. Only the vibrato switches and the clarinet switches will not work (yet...).

Later on I will report more in detail, and I will bring more structure in my messages on my blog.

Greetings from a thrilled Roger.

11 jul. 2008

25. Eric's new video

Eric posted a video on YouTube (I requested it, alotta thanks Eric!), where he focusus deeper on the challenges the L-143 gives him.

L143 help

6 jul. 2008

23. Pipe organ and B3 playing Bach

Bach Duet - Pipe Organ & Hammond B3 with Georg Ziethe & Barbara Dennerlein

4 jul. 2008

22.Vid tomorrow

Monday I intent to upload a video, introducing my L-122, in the state it is now.

1 jul. 2008

21. The L-143's TWG

After putting a lot of effort in restoring Eric's L-143, the TWG died. Maybe it has to be, maybe not. Maybe it did it to make some more space for the future M-3. Or maybe for their twins who are on their way. (Congrats!) For now he will stick with it for a while, maybe there's another TWG somewhere waiting for Eric.

Whatever happens, Eric already boosted my confidence in going on with my reanimation project. I thank you for that! There are Hammond-lovers, they are out there, of course. And, there are L-100 series lovers! Great to hear the sound of an actual L-100 series in a YouTube video...

All the best,


27 jun. 2008

25 jun. 2008

19. Hammond L143 Video Journal


Eric has his first video of his L-143 on YouTube. Check his message from monday june the 23rd for the link to the vid: .

His organ sounds much better then mine when I started mine up for the first time. The volume of my organ was so soft, scary soft. Nothing worked to crank it up.

I assume the cleaning of especially the drawbar housing is a world of difference already. And, of course (thnx E.) the drawbars themself. I hope the soft-volume-problem is to be fixed with soldering broken wires back on the drawbar housing, some tab switches and the oiling the generator and the motor with Hammond oil. And I do not hope the problem is in one of the tube amps. Working with amps is out of my league. But, I guess it is a good time to learn, then.



23 jun. 2008

18. Linking to L-100 series sites

Thanks to Eric I decided to publish another link section among the already many link sections in the right hand column on this blog. This link section will incorporate only links to websites dedicated to the Hammond L-100 series. Later on I will search for other websites alike and I will post them. (Hope there are more than a handful).

Model: L-100;
Production years: 1961 to 1972;
Synopsis: Spinet Model with mechanical tonewheel generator and non-scanner vibrato;
Cabinet size: 43.5 x 23 x 44.5 (WDH, inches);
Finish: L-101: Traditional, Mahogany | L-102: Contemporary, Walnut | L-103: French Provincial, Cherry | L-111: Traditional, Mahogany | L-112: Contemporary, Mahogany | L-122: Contemporary, Walnut | L-133: French Provincial, Cherry | L-143: French Provincial, Pecan | L16?: had folding lid | L-100P: portable version | L-200: style had built in Leslie;
Manuals: Two 44-note offset manuals with a 13 note pedalboard. 9 drawbars upper manual, 7 for lower;
Amp/output: Built in amp and speakers;
Features: Two levels of vibrato and chorus, small selection of preset tabs, reverb with bright/soft settings. Percussion and chorus adjustable inside the cabinet.

Source: The Hammond FAQ > Hammond and Leslie models

22 jun. 2008

17. Our man in Oklahoma, his L-143 and his blog

Great news! Eric from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, USA) bought himself an L-143, he writes me. The L-143 model cabinet is made of French Provincial pecan wood, as is the M-143.

"(...) I just recently bought a L143. I'm afraid I have the same problem as you, in that I will need to take A LOT of time to restore this organ. I bought it from a man who had it in storage for 5 years.......and the mice droppings to prove it. It was horrible. Several of the drawbar contact rods have been oxidized so badly, they've broken.

My question is, would you mind posting a picture of where your Leslie plugs in,.... I have looked and looked, and I believe mine does not have a slot for the Leslie."

And, readers: please do visit Eric's recently launched blog on his L-143 (with tasty eye-candy too!!!), on where he keeps the world updated on his 'reanimation' project alike:

and his MySpace place: .

I'm really thrilled with Eric buying a geniune L-143, restoring it and publish a blog on it. This is one of the goals of my blog: to inform others in simular situations, learn from others as well! Now Eric and I can share advice, tips, pictures, videos, compliments... :-)